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Ray Naso - A Taste of Italy
Making Waves - by Ray Naso
Ray Naso - Cottage
Ray Naso - TK Cottage
One of the best things about art is that there are so many different types of mediums available to you. Charcoal is one of my favorites, especially for portrait drawing. However, Sometimes I like to add color so painting with oils allows me to use a lot of vibrant colors and it's a great medium to work with. It's also a lot more resilient than charcoal and pastels.
Ray Naso - Pigeon Point Light House
For more information, contact me at Rayz_art@Yahoo.com
Ocean Breeze - by Ray Naso
Ray Naso - Changing of the Seasons
Changing of the Seasons
12" x 16" oil on canvas unframed

The changing of the seasons has inspired me to paint this piece.  I wanted to see vibrant color that catches your eye. There is just something about seeing the leaves on the trees changing to rich reds, yellows, oranges and greens that it kind of magical. I now live in California, but remembering back to when I lived in Ohio, the Autumn season was a drastic change.  
Watching the trees change, listening to the trees and the cool wind started to blow in. Even the air was different.  You could actually smell Autumn.  I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was distinctly different.  It reminds me of a home-made Thanksgiving dinner where the tasty aroma of all the great foods were surrounding you.  

Autumn will always be a great experience for me. It will always take me back to my childhood that I really enjoyed. When I see the big green trees start to turn red, yellow and orange with the mix of green, I will be thinking about all this.

"The Changing of the Seasons" - ,by Ray Naso
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves is another painting inspired by Autumn and all it's brilliant colors.  It's a peaceful time of the year when summer begins to settle down. The air begins to cool and we begin to prepare for Autumn by watching the leaves fall.

"Falling Leaves" - by Ray Naso