Artist of the Year
"Artist of the year" is a group of artists that compete with each other to gain recognition as a true artist. Each week a winner will be picked and placed on the winners board above. The contestants are members of a group on Facebook called, "Artist of the Month". The Ultimate goal is to become "Artist of the year". 
Artist of the year and Artist of the Month and Facebook and administration are not responsible or liable for any false information that may be given by anyone posing as the original artist. All contestants will be held 100% liable for their actions and original creations. To be a contestant on "Artist of the year" you take full responsibility of your actions and admit in full that the work that is claimed by you is not a misled or falsified or copied from another that you do not have the rights to. Misleading or falsified information can lead to fees and or imprisonment. By being a participant of "Artist of the Year", you will not hold us, this ,or any other part of this website or it's creators liable for your action. 
"Arizona Watcher" - by Kristi Key
"Rust in Peace" - by APattonFineart
"Dream High" - by Debbie Gardener
Updates, Latest Works and News

To become a member of  "Artist of the Year" is simple.
First, you need a Facebook account. If you already have one, then just click on this link and join "Artist of the Month." 

"Artist of the Month" is a group of artists of all stages that submit their paintings once a week to win the cover of the group. Look for the "Weekly Cover Contest".  This winner qualifies them a spot on this site called "Artist of the Year".

Why would you want to be "Artist of the Year?"  By winning "Artist of the Year", your winning painting will be the billboard on this page.
The goal is to have you and your art displayed to thousands of people around the world. This is our way of helping you to become more successful as an artist. 

Join us now as an artist and / or supporter. Click here to start - "Artist of the Month"
Don't forget to invite your friends and family to join too. The more support you have, the better your chances are.
Acrylic seascape - by Sharon McCord
Karma Chameleon - by Debbie Gardener
At The Races - by Debbie Gardener
Resting Branch - by Steph Coulter
Thatched Cottage - by Josef Keys
Autumn at Turnagain - By Andrea Voykin Patton
"Lions Hope" - by Rhisabh Kumar
"Escape" - by Kristen Palmer
"Into The Storm" by Andrea Voykin Patton
"Memories" - by Joshua Bunch
"Dawns Yawn" - by Kiri Goodspeed
"Old Friend" by Jeff Jackson
"Brewer's Blackbird" - by Bill Westwood
"Beauty and Power" by Rhishabh Kumar
"Cheer" - by Andrea Voykin Patton
"Dublin Bay Rose" - by Kiri J Goodspeed
"End of the Line" - by Craig Anderson
"Selma's Garden" -By Patricia Wilt
"Trilogy" - by Rick Russell
"Old Stone Cottage" - by Edward J Clark
by Rhishabh Kumar
by Gerry MacDonald
"Early Morning Mist" - by Patricia Wilt
"Sophisticated Lady" by Gary Edward Jennings
"Pathaway" - by Michelle Luvee Sullivan