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Ray Naso's Museum of Art
I created this picture using a 3D animation program called MAYA. 
I then imported my charcoal and pastel drawings into the picture frames that were also created in MAYA.  My goal was to create a grand scale art gallery that will show my work in a realistic view rather than the standard flat picture.  This 3D gallery is also very flexable. As opposed to an actual drawing, MAYA stores it's content in computer files that can easily be altered or changed when I choose. 

Thank you for visiting Ray Naso's Museum of Art.
Ray Naso's Museum of Art  is located in sunny Bakersfield California. It is a modern facility that has a lot of old world charm. From the top, it includes a European style box beam ceiling along with old world style lanterns that use new energy efficient cfl's.  The walls are twenty-five feet high and twelve inches thick. For your comfort, the "R" value is well above the standard insulation "R" value to withstand the high temperature that is normal to Bakersfield's summers. The average temperature inside the museum is a comfortable 72 degrees. While the temperature outside can reach a blistering 125 or better. The large 18" diameter can-lights used to showcase the pictures are not only energy efficient but are also very adjustable and will accomodate very lage scale artwork. The massive marble floor was shipped directly from Italy and installed by the best craftsman from around the world. 

This Museum is open on all your favorite holidays including Christmas. It is also open on weekends and also on weekdays. It's hours of operation are 24 hours a day all year round and you are invited to take a look around.

We do appologize for any inconvenience, but this museum is closed to the public and is only availably for viewing in cyberspace.

The good news is that you are welcome to visit this gallery any time you wish, night or day.  Come on in. You are welcome to bring your friends and family. You may see some familiar faces.  

We hope you enjoy the museum and feel free to leave your comments.

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